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Applying Styles

You could be in an environment with strict style guidelines, you might of quickly built something large and thought to do the basic style later, or you are looking at really old and large methods. Style matters for making your code readable, however sometimes the process can be mundane and time consuming. I just found a very old method which used spaces instead of tabs for example.

It would be great if Jade could let you apply styles to existing methods, while we spend more valuable time on the important content.

Some ideas that come to mind:
1. Whether or not to use tabs for indentation
2. Auto-lining up variable names or not
3. White space after condition blocks or loop blocks
4. Spaces or not after a comma (normally defining/calling method parameters)
5. Use Transaction code-blocks, or not
6. Where to stick the "then" if a long condition line
7. Whether or not to suppress empty blocks, e.g. vars or epilog
8. Method calls with no parameters include () ,or not
9. Local class attribute/reference calls use self, or not
10. As above for methods
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  • May 1 2019
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Paul Daigneault 7/10/2017 3:33:58 AM
How about adding trim trailing whitespace from each line, on save / compile.
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