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a reliable way to create a RPS database from a secondary backup.

Currently when rebuilding an RPS database, the recommended method is to use the RPS Create Database function from the Primary. However this could take ages for a large database. It would be great if there was a reliable way to create a RPS database from a secondary backup.
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  • May 1 2019
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Ty Baen-Price 12/06/2018 2:15:42 PM
I want you to know that the name of each voter is recorded and visible during the review meeting.

Owen Winsloe 30/04/2018 3:58:47 PM
When we have to recreate RPS nodes and not always as a failure of Jade. The larger the systems and the further geographic distances between primary and secondary systems can cause very long down times. Providing a method to do this from a secondary would be hugely beneficial!
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  • Ashley Bass commented
    3 May, 2019 01:52am

    A solution was implemented in JADE 2018. 

    In the release documentation it is described as SDS Secondary 
    Commit-Consistent Backup.That is the secondary backup type you need to use if you want to create an RPS database using a secondary backup.

    Thanks to Gerard at SSI for pointing this out!

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