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Method overloading

I thought I have seen this idea presented before but couldn't find it. Sorry, if this is a duplicate.


When we create a method that relies on different types in Jade we still are forced to use either:

1. procedural/switch statement code that is usually long winded (ergo hard to read); if we want to add a parameter type we are left with testing all of the references adding expense to what should be a simple change

2. or, we create a method with a new name which also seems procedural as we expect the caller to know which method to call


Yesterday it was chosen not to change a method because there were hundreds of methods references, whereas it should be a new method. Option 2 wasn't taken because it would be too confusing. The option taken was to keep the code inline.


Without method overloading Jade's customers have to create long winded methods, and to maintain a type, decide whether the testing expense is worth it or not.


Can we please have method overloading.

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  • Jul 31 2019
  • Future consideration: 2022
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    Ashley Bass commented
    8 Aug, 2019 02:12am

    The duplicates are not on JEDI but may exist as NFSs from our previous platform. We approve this idea in principal but do not currently plan to prioritize it for development in JADE 2020. We will review it again when we have made more progress against the current roadmap.