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End-to-End SSL Protection

These are the tentative priorities for end-to-end ssl encryption. These priorities are organised in groups and also ranked within their group.

High priority group - to be delivered in 2020
1. jadehttp.dll <> app server
2. primary <> secondary

Medium priority group
1. client node <> rap
2. jadewebsockets.dll <> app server

Lower priority group
1. odbc thin client
2. JADE to JADE webservices

  • Ashley Bass
  • Aug 8 2019
  • Shipped (2020)
  • Attach files
  • Iryna Melnyk commented
    10 Sep, 2020 05:35am

    Initially planned for 2020, we have cut the scope on End-to-End SSL.
    Here are the 2020 Security improvements that are coming in Q4:

    SSL Encryption between jadehttp.dll and the app server: https://jedi.ideas.jadeworld.com/ideas/JAD-I-580
    SDS encryption: https://jedi.ideas.jadeworld.com/ideas/JAD-I-275

    This idea represents the remaining work.
    We will update this JEDI with more details.

  • Mason Drew commented
    23 Jun, 2020 10:39pm

    I would also like to see jadehttp.dll <> app server secured with ssl encryption

  • Iryna Melnyk commented
    10 Nov, 2019 11:23pm

    Looking for your feedback on the priority list: does it make sense?

    Anything you suggest we move?

    Anything additional we need to consider?