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ComboBox/ListBox Item Fonts

I'd like the ability to set/override the default font for individual items in a ComboBox or ListBox (like we already can for table rows/columns).

For a recent use case, I was using a ListBox to show information in a tree, where I wanted to make a particular entry standout by using a bold font.  At which point, I remembered you can't set item fonts (something I've wanted to do before over the years).

The same applies to ComboBox as you may also want to show a tree in a drop-down with items that standout with a different font.

Another scenario that comes to mind is providing users with the ability to select a font (i.e. when they're editing some rich text), for which we'd ideally be able to show what the font looks like when they're selecting it from a ComboBox or ListBox.

  • Kevin Saul
  • Oct 25 2019
  • Future consideration
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