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Email validation method on String primitive

I would say every Jade system out there has an email validation method on the String primitive. Could we have one created by Jade on the String primitive on the root schema? String :: isValidEmailAddress__

  • Sam Stokell
  • Jul 6 2020
  • Needs review
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  • Steve Knyn commented
    14 Jul 07:00am

    At least if Jade provide a standard it should cover the generic needs of most requirements and then developers could inherit this to their own requirements to add any further tweaks


  • Ty Baen-Price commented
    6 Jul 01:00am

    I would suggest that every JADE system out there has a different email validation method, as while there is a standard, it is virtually impossible to implement, and everyone does it differently, and according to their own needs. Incidentally, gmail and outlook do not fully implement the standard.

    Once Regex comes out, you'll be able to implement one of your own, to your own needs, much more cleanly and easily.

    Also, is it a productive use of our time to supply code everyone already has?