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Enabling Jade .net Exposures to work in a singleUser Appserver environment


Currently Jade .net Exposures require rap to work.
All of our Jade systems systems run in single user mode.

We have had projects where using a .net exposure would have been faster and simpler than the solutions we delivered.

  • Tim Fortune
  • Jul 31 2020
  • Needs review
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  • John Porter commented
    6 Aug 05:38am

    Can you make a .Net dll and call it from a JADE app?

  • John Porter commented
    6 Aug 05:37am

    Ty, it is misleading to say a .Net app that uses a JoobContext is an app server, as thin clients cannot connect to it. It is a JADE node, like an appserver is a node, the rap is a node and other fat clients are nodes. The term "app server" refers to the node that services thin clients.

  • Ty Baen-Price commented
    31 Jul 04:27am

    So, when you start up jadapp as server=SingleUser, you're saying that that's the only app server that will use that database. A .Net app that uses a JoobContext is an app server.

    What aspects of the .Net Exposure feature do you want to make use of? The class definitions?-- but not have them be connected to real JADE objects the way they are, so, like webservice proxy objects then?

    A little more info in this is required, please.