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Delta - Review option

When development is complete in the delta before checking it in or before sending it for peer review it would be nice if there were some automated checks Jade could do for us to pick up on some issues/warnings. The first iteration of this could simply be piggy backing what Jade already does, 2 features come to mind:

1) 'Unused Local Variables'

2) 'Find Possible Transient Leaks'

The way I could see it working is in the delta browser, right click and there would be an option that could say 'Review'. Then it would list any issues found for you to fix up if you wanted.

This could be added to over time to add a lot more validation that Jade could automate for us for example in https://jedi.ideas.jadeworld.com/ideas/JAD-I-75

  • Sam Stokell
  • Oct 20 2020
  • Closed
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  • Admin
    John Richards commented
    3 Aug 10:18pm

    We are planning to implement these warnings through the compiler, so I will close this one.