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Provide ability to override 'global'

It'd be useful if we had the option/ability to override the system 'global' reference at a process level for the purposes of automated testing. This would allow us to recreate 'global' as a transient instance which is populated in a known manner needed to execute a test.

When working in an old jetted system with a high dependency on global collections, it can be very difficult to write meaningful tests for older areas of our system which are prone to breaking due to global collection queries. As a result, we tend to dismiss the idea of writing new tests because of the challenges/cost associated with refactoring existing areas with little benefit to be gained.

Assuming this idea could be implemented, it'd become relatively easy for our developers to write tests for existing code without risk of global collection dependency issues arising, in preparation for what are relatively minor changes (for which we'd not be able to justify any major refactoring work needed otherwise to facilitate automated testing).

  • Kevin Saul
  • Dec 16 2020
  • Needs review
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