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Additional RPS notifications and DataPump status

We have several RPS databases which have some very large mapfiles. On more than one occasion it has been difficult to easily identify if the RPS datapump is still working or what it is actually doing. This has resulted in the database node, and the datapump application, being manually terminated due to suspecting the process has hung or faulted. It was found later that the process was in its extract phase. Cycling the RPS node while in the extract phase means that when the datapump starts running, it notes that the schemas are consistent and starts tracking. It is only later that it is discovered that there is data missing due to the extract/load not having been performed.

We would like to have some way of ensuring that if an extract/load is required, that the datapump does not automatically start tracking just by virtue of the schemas being consistent.

And we would ask that some methodology be provided so that we can identify the phase that the datapump is in and, if extract/load, the progress during the various RPS processes.

  • Owen Winsloe
  • Apr 3 2022
  • Future consideration
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