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Updating the Apache Web Server support

I recently found that I can use Apache Web Server for Jade... then have a discussion that it's basically a forgotten module.

Apache support has big benefits, aside from being widely used, it's also very, very easy to setup for using Jade Web Services... little more than a download and drag and drop (minor update of a config file) and it's running - big help to those new with JADE dev and starting with prototyping/playing.

As I understand it the following need to be fixed/updated:

  • no WebSocket support

  • tls support

  • David Dennis
  • May 16 2022
  • Needs review
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  • Odd Inary commented
    1 Feb 11:47pm

    As more clients move to the cloud, they'll want to cut down costs (maintenance/product/support) so support on open source systems like Apache is a great idea.