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Allow user to set default schema to run an app in the IDE

It is great to see that the logged in user can set the default app in the IDE's bottom RHS status bar. However it would be useful to also be able to set the default schema too.

This way, all the developer would need to do to run the desired app is to click on the toolbar "Run" button or use the shortcut keyboard combo (Ctrl+ R).

A drop down box would suffice for this requirement; same as the user's ability to select the default app.

See attached files for further detail.

Jade2020_01.png picture shows the current schema in the Jade Title bar so the status bar Schema is not required to show the same info.

Jade2020_02.png shows the schema hierarchy and the desire to run an application from a "default" schema regardless of the Schema Class window in focus.

A user preference option can be used to control this behaviour.

  • Kevin Chu
  • Jul 14 2022
  • Closed
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  • BeeJay commented
    18 Jul, 2022 02:27am

    Hi Kevin,

    This seems somewhat similar to JEDI-162. That JEDI was to have the option to add buttons to the toolbar in the JADE IDE to run a specific app with a specific schema context.

    This means running that app for that schema is now a single button click away, regardless of the schema context for the MDI child window which currently has focus. And assuming of course that you don't currently have a modal dialog open in that IDE.

    JEDI-162 has already been implemented for the JADE 2022 release.