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Superfluous message boxes

There are a number of messages boxes that appear frequently to which the response is usually always the same. Could we have a 'do not show again' / 'remember my answer for next time' check box for these?

Some examples:
during a schema load: "Class numbers have not been preserved"
when compiling a method: "do you want to view the error list", "method signature has changed - x implementors must be recompiled. Compile now?"
when adding a method: "Do you want to reimplement superclass method"
find and replace in editor: "Search text not found", "replace successful"
interrupting a lengthy implementors search: "Do you want to cancel?"
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  • May 1 2019
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Software Medical Infomatics Limited 23/03/2018 9:30:16 AM
Add "Method signature has changed - one reference must be compiled. Compile now?" - I don't know when I'd ever not want to recompile so this message is unnecessary.
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