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Garbage collection

The following has been discussed a number of times on the JADE forums, so I thought I would add it here for consideration. see https://forums.jadeworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=582&hilit=garbage+collection

Even the most senior and experienced of JADE developers can miss/forget to delete out of scope transient objects (I have witnessed scenarios whereby 20+ GB of disk space has been lost to transient overflow files), having a native garbage collection feature within JADE would do away with the overhead of object management and the confusion over ownership (who is responsible for deleting the created object) that can come with manual object lifetime management.

Although its likely that adding garbage collection to JADE would increase the base memory footprint, given the reduction in application code complexity that comes with garbage collection is now the time to consider adding native garbage collection to the JADE platform?
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  • May 1 2019
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John Richards 30/04/2018 11:01:34 AM
Garbage Collection presents some difficulties in the JADE environment as we have specific lifetimes for transients and shared transients. We will not be providing a Garbage Collection feature, but we will continue to investigate ways of helping identify leaks.

John Richards - JADE Development Manager
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