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Automated Testing in Jade

Just wondering if anyone out there has done any automated testing of Jade applications. We would like to be able to integrate the Jade application testing into a test suit, if possible.

  • Craig Paulin
  • Nov 13 2019
  • Needs review
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  • Admin
    Hugh McColl commented
    18 Nov, 2019 11:08pm

    Further to BeeJay's post, the ATCG source is available on  GitHub here:


  • BeeJay commented
    18 Nov, 2019 10:51pm

    This may perhaps have been better posted on the Jade forums, rather than JEDI, as it's more a question than a suggestion for improving JADE.  However, since it is here I may as well add my $0.02 as well. 

    We use the Jade provided ATCG tool for both automated testing and load testing of our GUI applications. Please refer to https://secure.jadeworld.com/JADETech/JADE2018/Docs/ATCGRef.pdf for more detail on this tool.

    For non-GUI testing we use the Jade Unit Testing framework and then drive our Jade Unit Tests that with a suitable testing tool.  Currently this is Jenkins, but we're likely to review the tool we use to make sure it's still the most appropriate/suitable tool for our requirements in the near future.

  • Peter Banyard commented
    14 Nov, 2019 08:59am

    I've tried!! First product we trialled was from https://www.automai.com/ their Robotic automation tool (Scenario Builder) does work, but as it's based on running the GUI via looking for pictures it can be a bit flaky, especiialy if you try and move the tests you've created to another PC. Just started testing WinAppDriver, looks like this will have some success but I'm currently stuck trying to interact with controls like listbox and table. Other than that it's just like writing Selenium tests in a .net app. Has anyone else tried this?