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Easy way to add spelling check to Jade applications

It would be nice if Jade could provide an easy way to add spelling check to applications written in Jade.  It would be especially useful for Unicode installations of Jade, as most of the available 3rd party spelling check dlls which have been used previously with Jade systems tend to only work properly with Ansi installations of Jade.

Update 06/06/2019
Here's a page with details about the built in Windows spelling check API:

  • BeeJay
  • May 24 2019
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  • Kevin Saul commented
    June 06, 2019 05:53

    It would be nice if there was a reusable package for spell checking that we could all use, but that's something which could be achieved via an open source project to share a schema that exports such a package.  What's the benefit of it being made a part of the Jade platform directly?

    With regards the Unicode vs Ansi point - Perhaps there's a more general idea here where JADE could be improved somehow to support the use of an Ansi library from a Unicode environment.  What'd also be nice is if we didn't have to duplicate functions or external methods to distinguish Ansi & Unicode entry points, and then write code accordingly to call the appropriate function or method.  If functions & external methods could be enhanced so we can map them to both an Ansi & Unicode entry point, JADE could automatically call the appropriate entry point depending on the installation type.

  • BeeJay commented
    June 18, 2019 07:55

    You can already call Ansi libraries from a Unicode Jade, and as long as none of the extended character set characters that come with Unicode are used it all works fine.  Where it becomes an issue is when extended character set characters are used and it then turns that single Unicode character into two Ansi characters instead, effectively corrupting that part of the text.  The reason for suggesting making it a standard part of the Jade product was for ease of implementation for developers.  I was also hoping that it may be easier for them to implement if they could hook into the existing Windows Spelling Check API.