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Add easy inspect feature in toolbar

Since Jade is strongly oriented around using OIDs to identify objects it would be nice to have some features built into the IDE to easily inspect any object using its OID. Maybe a textbox on the toolbar that would accept any OID and then show you the class name and have a button to immediately inspect that object. (Of course you can easily write a script to do this, but having this built in would be a time saver.)

Other ideas that would be useful might be to have a few configurable buttons to show the last (or first) instance of a selected class (and maybe a dropdown with a most recently used list of classes) - useful when developing new features and you want to inspect what's in the database.
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  • May 1 2019
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Kevin Saul 17/07/2018 1:11:05 PM
This would be very useful when investigating issues in a production environment that use a DSL to enforce inquiry only access (which prevents running a workspace). In this context, it takes a while for us to navigate to a specific instance for inspection (which may be one of millions).

Software Medical Infomatics Limited 21/02/2018 3:57:33 PM
Simply convenience. Yes it's possible to open up a workspace and type "1234.466".asOid.inspect(); and hit F9 but it's a lot more typing than simply putting the OID in a box on the toolbar.

Ty Baen-Price 26/01/2018 4:37:16 PM
Can one of the several voters for this idea please explain what the advantages of this approach are over doing this in a workspace?
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  • Iryna Melnyk commented
    2 Sep, 2020 09:11am

    Demo is available here.

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