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Jade IDE extensions

The Jade product would be more powerful and flexible if hooks were made available so that we can override or complement the Jade IDE functionality. This would allow Development teams to be more productive and produce higher quality software.

Consider having your own menu items alongside the native ones, or where existing menu items could be overridden, or custom UI components running within the IDE.

Possibly best explained by some examples of practical uses:

- At compilation time, we could warn for obsolete entities, adherence to coding standards, transient leaks, or auto run unit tests associated with the code.

- Where documentation text is added to classes and properties etc, currently all that is available is free format text. An extension could be built to generate our own template or open our own dialog for consistent capture.

- When editing methods, we could auto-insert lines or snippets of code, or even open our own editor.

- When reviewing method histories, we could open our own compare tool instead (eg. winmerge)

- Hooks for extending source control capabilities, say to one-click deploy changes or talk to 3rd party software.

- Override the object inspector to show other information (even edit capability if that?s what your Dev team needed)

Some of the above examples have been individually proposed in JEDI already, but not all will make it into the product, not all will meet the needs of individual Teams, and furthermore it will be some years before Teams can take advantage of them due to upgrade paths we?re often locked into.

For those Teams willing, the extensions could be put on GitHub or the like to share and collaborate with others. Where there is enough consistency and popularity they could go into a future release of the IDE.
  • John Beaufoy
  • May 1 2019
  • Closed
John Richards 7/12/2017 10:46:27 AM
We are sympathetic to this request, however the scope of this JEDI is difficult to deal with. So I'll close this JEDI and ask if you can submit new JEDIs with single focuses.

Software Medical Infomatics Limited 30/11/2017 10:13:20 AM
Some ability to record a macro of IDE actions or some limited scripting of the IDE would be great, and then being able to attach this to a toolbar button or menu action or keyboard shortcut would be fantastic. For example, I have a code generator application - I'd love to be able to script loading the output of my code generation (a .scm file). I can do this if I'm running multi-user as I can use jadloadb to load the .scm file, but in single-user mode this isn't possible.

Sam Stokell 29/11/2017 8:44:24 AM
We have a code review analyser application that you need to change to that analyser schema to run. Having our own button to run that application would be excellent!

FileVision UK Ltd 29/11/2017 4:39:54 AM
I've always wanted to be able to add an icon to the toolbar to run a specific application, regardless what the current schema is
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