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Enhance the Unused local variables command to actually remove unused local variables

The Unused local variables command is useful but clunky in that it shows them one at a time. You have to have a good short-term memory to remember all the ones it highlighted.

It would be most useful if it could just remove the unused local variables.
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  • May 1 2019
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Eric Peachey 17/10/2018 10:55:05 AM
Some IDEs show unused variables in a different colour. Makes it obvious. One JADE shop I worked at made it standard to removed unused local variables. The aim was to remove clutter, but also to reduce the number of unnecessary references to classes if we wanted to see where something is used. Highlighting/lowlighting unused variables in the method pane would help.

Martin Jagers 27/03/2018 2:04:06 PM
Yes, like the idea about checking to see if only usage is a delete in epilog

Brian Johnstone 17/01/2018 7:57:54 AM
Good suggestions. Even though I don't use it very often, did you know there is a schema level "find unused local variables/parameters" option. The resulting form does give you the option to remove unused local variables, but only one method at a time. Even so, it is a quicker way to clean up all unused local variables across a schema. Unfortunately it still doesn't detect when the only usage is a delete in an epilog.

Software Medical Infomatics Limited 17/01/2018 7:35:05 AM
Yes, that would be great!

FileVision UK Ltd 17/01/2018 4:42:47 AM
It would also be nice if it could detect when the only usage of a variable is a delete in the epilogue
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