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diff between two environments

It would be great if we can compare to environment code via *.mul extract files. If we can take a *.mul, *.scm files from one environment and have the other environment parse this file and do a diff between methods/class changes and produce an HTML output file showing the difference highlighted.
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  • May 1 2019
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Delta360 26/04/2018 9:05:07 AM
HI Brian,

We are currently using a script to the diff right now. But this is not an ideal solution when comparing to an environment where you don't have direct access. We don't have direct access to cline'ts QA environment (we use RDP on different VPN). So we can't do a direct Jade to Jade comparison. The FROM environment would define the methods needed. The list would have to be taken as a file to the 2nd environment and generate all the methods in question for the environments. Then you would have to compare both. It would be easier if Jade did all that from just the *.scm file since it is the file that is going in.

Brian Johnstone 12/04/2018 10:05:54 AM
Nice idea. We use a script I wrote to do this type of comparison. The script reads the .scm file(s) and then compares the class definitions in the system where the script is being run with those in the .scm file(s). We mostly use this to check for 'fresh' Jade developers renaming a property on a persistent class without being aware of the deployment implications of this type of change. We therefore have options in our script for whether to include transient classes in the comparison and also whether to include classes with only adds or only deletes of properties in the result set. Most of the time we run it to only show persistent classes with adds & deletes of properties, as these are the only ones with 'potential' renames of properties that will require a pre-upgrade JCF command as part of the release to avoid any loss of persistent data. Because we wanted this solely to check for potential data loss scenarios due to property renames, I didn't go as far as checking method source, dictionary keys, property definition changes, etc, but there's nothing stopping you writing a similar script to do that level of checking as well, in case you wanted to have a comparison tool in your current release of Jade.
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  • Guest commented
    18 Nov, 2019 09:42pm

    Have you tried using JadeBatchExtract to extract your schemas in sections and using a version control product to compare schema components? We've been experimenting with this using git, and related commercial offerings to compare commits-tags. We've found that there is a lot of noise relating to modified timestamps though on methods etc, and the _painterModifiedTimeStamp properties on forms. But we are only experimenting at this stage.

  • Ashley Bass commented
    18 Jun, 2019 02:53am

    We will investigate this feature as part of our updates to Source Management and will also follow up with you regarding your specific business needs to gather more input.

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