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Add method JadeHttpConnection::sendRequestUtf8

We use the JadeHttpConnection class to communicate with an external Rest API. We do a sendRequest with a GET and they send us a JSON file encoded as UTF-8, we update this and return it using SendRequest with a POST, but only have the option to return a String. The JSON we receive contains special characters so we need to be able to return as UTF-8 but this is not possible and corrupts values at the receiver. Can we please have a new method on JadeHttpConnection to send send a request with a utf8 string, or even better a Rest API Consumer that handles stringUtf8
  • Julie Harliwich
  • May 1 2019
  • Shipped (2020)
Julie Harliwich 27/03/2019 3:38:13 PM
We built a DLL to send our Rest request with StringUtf8 parameter, and imported as External Component Library class, so will use it until this feature is available in the product.
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