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Tab Colour Scheme

See also JEDI #277 which suggests additional colours for access icons, and JEDI #119 which suggests the ability to choose a tab colour for each schema.

In pre-2016 versions of Jade, the MDI tabs in the IDE were either blue or white depending on which one is selected. Tabs were blue or yellow within individual panels (e.g. method or property lists in the hierarchy browser). In both cases these were clearly contrasting colours so it's easy to see the selected one at a glance.

With the switch to a grey-scale UI there is now little difference between the two which makes this much more difficult to navigate, particularly as the two-tone grey tabs are next to grey icons. It would improve accessibility therefore if we had the option to change the default colours for selected/non-selected tabs in the preferences and to include these in the Export/Load Preferences functionality.
  • Kevin Saul
  • May 1 2019
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