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Properties Window click

When clicking a property in the class properties window, it shouldn't close your method window and lose where you were in the logic. I feel it would be more beneficial and time efficient when investigating an issue that, when you come across a class property in a method and want to do a references search on that, it should allow you to stay within the logic instead of closing the method window and showing the properties of the propety

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  • May 16 2019
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  • BeeJay commented
    20 May, 2019 01:18am

    It may an even better user experience if the editor's context menu had the various 'Show references' options available when the carat is currently within any 'Feature' that can be referenced.  This would not only be limited to classes or properties or methods but also allow you to find other references such as constants, including class and global constants, translatable strings, etc.  This would mean that you wouldn't have to do any additional navigation within the class browser to get the list of 'other' references to that 'Feature' and would also work when you're not editing the method via a class browser window.

  • Sam Stokell commented
    19 May, 2019 05:59am

    Never thought of that one, but a great idea!