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delete property from References dialog

I try to delete a class, I can't because there are references. I bring up the references to the class, and it shows me the properties that reference the class. If I right click a property to delete it I can't, so I have to open another class browser and navigate to the class containing the property to delete it.
  • John Munro
  • May 1 2019
  • IDE Backlog
FileVision UK Ltd 8/06/2018 2:13:53 AM
No, I didn't know that, thanks

Brian Johnstone 7/06/2018 7:50:49 AM
Nice suggestion, that would definitely make it easier to remove all the usages of a given class when it becomes obsolete. In the interim, are you aware once you've selected the property in the middle pane of the references browser, if you put the carat somewhere in the class name in the editor pane details and press Shift+F11 it will open a new class browser with that class pre-selected, and in the schema where the class is defined. Makes the step to navigate to that class to do the remove somewhat more efficient.
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