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Enumeration (enums)

In Jade we often have integer constants that are merely used as a unique identifier. e.g.

CustomerType_Personal = 1; CustomerType_Prospect = 2; CustomerType_Business = 3.


If we have a value to add we require to sort constant values by number, then add 1 to the latest one. Which leaves a bit reliance on human eyes being fresh, especially when there is a class with hundreds of constants. I recall adding a  value of over 1100 the other day.


Most 3GLs handle this using enumerations. You specify a group and then add in the constant names without a value, or define the first value if required. Google search enum for more information.


Can enumerations be made available in Jade?

  • James Bumby
  • Aug 8 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • John Munro commented
    09 Aug 10:17

    This was suggested as JAD-I-81