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Automate WSDL Generation

We currently have to generate a WSDL file manually via the application dialog.  With many web services to maintain/publish, we have a procedure where developers will generate the WSDL manually and save it to a common location.

It'd be useful if we had a command line utility to generate WSDL's, which would allow us to automate this procedure as part of deploying changes, with the WSDL's being saved in a known location we specify via a command line parameter (in relation to the target environment).

In the context of source control (long term), this would allow WSDL's to be re-generated & output during an automated schema build/test, which may occur after changes have been merged which both affect the web service exposures, meaning neither developer involved could've generated the final version during development.

  • Kevin Saul
  • Dec 3 2019
  • Future consideration: 2022
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