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WSDL Import - default the "Generate new primitive types" to true if WSDL has suitable types

When using the option to import a WSDL, to create a new Web Service Consumer, if the validate detects that the WSDL has types in it which would benefit from having the "Generate new primitive types" check box ticket, it would be good if JADE defaulted this check box to ticked.

For example, if there are parameters of type 'long' in the WSDL then this would make the relevant property Integer64 instead of Integer in the proxy classes JADE creates during the import.

If you're reloading an existing WSDL, it might be safer to display a message suggesting the developer consider ticking the check box, rather than defaulting it to ticked, so existing code doesn't break as a result of reloading the WSDL.

  • BeeJay
  • Mar 16 2022
  • Future consideration
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