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Ability for Monitor to force off any process even if the process is busy

You should be able to force off any process via the monitor, but with a number of users working from home and using VPN's we are finding the that clients are getting disconnecting but the server process is waiting for a data read, because it's in this state you can't kill the process and therefore ties up a process licence. The only thing you can do it restart the app server. See Parsys#67706

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  • Jul 8 2020
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  • Steve Knyn commented
    14 Jul, 2020 06:57am

    We have a related problem where we added a function to our app to allow users to force off user logins (e.g. user went to lunch and did not log off). This works well except if the user process was in an error of some sort - then the Jade function to force log off does not work and we have to use the Jade Monitor

    Would have thought they use the same force off process but appears not?


  • Ty Baen-Price commented
    8 Jul, 2020 09:58pm

    I guess if a process is stuck inside 3rd party code which we have no control over and can't communicate with, we could at least delete its information and return the process licence immediately, and schedule it for cleanup if and when it comes back, but then there'd be no user-visible information to let you know that it had never come back in the first place (and was still tying up system resources).