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Provide runtime access to collection Key type and Key type low and high values

Our framework generates, compiles, and runs search methods in which we attempt to perform lookup optimisations.

When the search is over a collection that has multiple keys with varying key sort orders, this becomes quite a difficult exercise.

The ability to easily access the types of keys, and the key type's low and high values, would be extremely useful.

The MergeIterator class had a similar difficulty which required the internal creation of appropriate key type low and high values. See PAR 66511 closure.

Our framework currently uses a combination of the CollClass getKeys method for key information, and class property information for type information, when building the search.

The ability to ask a key for type information would greatly simplify the work, and the ability to ask a key for the it's low and high values would be hugely beneficial in the generation of searches.

  • Gerard O'Brien
  • Jun 1 2021
  • Future consideration
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