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Defining constant: Support Ctrl+Enter to click the OK button

Currently when defining constants pressing the enter key inserts a CrLf into the constant definition, which can be useful for some constant definitions.

It would be nice if a developer could use Ctrl+Enter to click the OK button to save the constant. For now, the only keyboard way to do this is something like an Alt+N, Enter key sequence so focus moves to the Name textbox (Alt+N) and then the subsequent Enter key then clicks the OK button.

  • BeeJay
  • Sep 7 2021
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  • BeeJay commented
    7 Sep 09:46pm

    You comment intrigued me so I went back and checked and it looks like it changed in JADE 2016 SP1 release.

    In the original JADE 2016 and prior releases pressing enter did indeed 'click' the OK button and you had to use Ctrl+Enter to put a CrLf into the constant definition, similar to putting CrLf into captions in the Jade Painter.

  • Craig Shearer commented
    7 Sep 09:17pm

    I believe this got changed in Jade 2018. Defining constants prior to this supported pressing Enter on the dialog.