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Be able to copy the list of methods in error from the Methods In Error popup form

At the moment the copy method list is only available for Method References popup form.

It would be a good idea to duplicate this copy method list functionality to all popup forms that lists methods (for whatever reason).

As it may have been mentioned in the past... This allows for the easier creation of a unl file for selective method extract.

Perhaps a nice to have feature when copying from a method list would be to ask the user if they wish to format it for a unl file purpose. That way certain string elements can be stripped.

e.g. "WebViewSchema::WebViewPageVRD::glpubreport (2)"

would be reformatted to "(WebViewSchema) Method WebViewPageVRD glpubreport".

And the user would just have to regex remove the "(WebVeiwSchema) " string.

This reference to the schema would be used to identify different methods in separate schemas.

  • Kevin Chu
  • Sep 15 2021
  • IDE Backlog
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