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ComboBox cellControl: When item selected set itemObject for the table cell

Currently you can set automaticCellControl to true for a ComboBox and it ensures the text is copied from the ComboBox to the text of the cell, and vice versa, reducing the need for application logic code which will need to do round trips from the client to the app server.

Frequently, when a ComboBox is being used you don't just want the text of the selected entry, you want the underlying itemObject for the entry which was selected. It would be a great enhancement when an entry is selected in the ComboBox, and that entry has an associated itemObject if that could also be set as the itemObject for that table cell, as well as the current behaviour where it copies the text of the selected item to the text of the table cell.

  • BeeJay
  • Aug 23 2022
  • Future consideration
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