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Allow Rest web server apps to map to multiple classes

In define application for a rest WS you select one class and all calls are to methods on that class; that is, a WS app can only service one class and its methods.

As a result versioning is based on the method name e.g. getCustomer_v1, getCustomer_v2 etc, the user then calls:

  • ".../jadehttp.dll/customer_v1/...?APIApp"

  • ".../jadehttp.dll/customer_v2/...?APIApp" etc

You could also version by setting up new classes but each class needs its own app which means the "?APIApp" might end up being "?APIApp", "?APIApp2", "?APIApp3" (depending on how any classes you have)

That seems a but ugly. If an app was able to service more than one class then versioning does not need to be name dependent, nor are multiple apps needed, for example:

  • ".../jadehttp.dll/v1/customer/...?APIApp"

  • ".../jadehttp.dll/v2/customer/...?APIApp"

this might also need some mapping to simplify what the user calls (v1 could resolve to class customer_v1, v2 resolves to customer_v2 etc)

  • Greg Matthews
  • Dec 15 2022
  • Future consideration
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