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REST to allow more than one response class

Open API uses oneOf conditional schema keyword when different schema can be returned from a query.

An example is SCIM Users where you use the same endpoint (GET /Users) and receive a user object or an array of user objects depending on query parameters (in this example SCIM 2.0 states a different response is returned depending if it is a single user query or a filtered query returning potentially > 1 user).

Jade allows definition of one return class and the API wizard only builds that class.

Can Jade have a rest call that looks like this:

  • getUsers(): SCIM__RestResponseUsers_GetUser ? SCIM__RestResponseUsers_GetAllUsers;"

(note the question mark separating possible return classes).

The OpenAPI wizard generates "oneOf" statement detailing both classes as potential responses.

  • Greg Matthews
  • Jul 26 2023
  • Needs review
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