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Abstract and transient classes shouldn't have a map file

Abstract and transient-only lifetime classes don't need a map file, yet they still let you set one. This means that when you make a change that causes a reorg, it lists all those classes as needing a reorg even though they won't actually be touched.

These classes also clutter up the Maps Browser - if a map has only a few persistent classes in it but many abstract/transient classes, the ones that actually matter are hard to see.

I submitted this as an NFS in 2009 (#51026).
  • John Munro
  • May 1 2019
  • IDE Backlog
Julie Harliwich 10/10/2017 10:41:43 AM
If we could nominate a map file as being for Persistent classes only, or Transient classes only then it would reduce the mistakes.

Kevin Saul 27/09/2017 3:21:07 PM
Nor are map files needed for exclusive collections, (provided the persistent option isn't set for shared objects).

We've got quite a lot of clutter in this regard. In the past, we've tried to remind each other to leave the map file blank when it isn't needed, but it tends to be left at the default.

It'd be better if the map file field was disabled when it isn't actually needed, and cleared when changes are saved such that it isn't required anymore.

To tidy up existing classes and delete redundant map files from our production systems, we'd ideally be able to handle resetting the map file for a class via schema load somehow. We've tried to find a way to do this before, with no luck (https://forums.jadeworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2002).

Blake De?Ath 27/09/2017 3:17:01 PM
Also to consider, a map file cannot be removed for these classes via a JFC or an extract file, at least the last time I tried.
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