JADEĀ  Environment Development Ideas

Provide the ability to identify classes and mapfiles that require reorg

Refer to PAR 65947.
This would allow for JADECare deployments to record which classes / mapfiles were reorged in this deployment. As typically a test deployment against an environment that mimics the production environment is done prior to the production deployment, this information can be used to forewarn of the disk requirement and provide some clue as to the length of time required for the production deployment.

foreach class in Class.instances do
if class.needsReorg then
if not fileSet.includes(class.getDbFile()) then
  • Martin Jagers
  • May 1 2019
  • Closed
John Richards 13/06/2018 9:02:49 AM
Unfortunately the panel felt that the suggested code was sufficient. I'll close the JEDI.
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