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Smarter Schema Loader

When loading code into an environment, we don?t always know what the impact will be.

We run the gauntlet that we could unintentionally overwrite someone else?s code or deploy code that we didn?t intend to ship.

To help address this, the scm deployment function used in the IDE could be enhanced to include an optional pre-load step where the incoming scm/ddb?s are parsed and summarised in a friendlier screen view. Alongside it in a compare window would be the existing entities from Jade which are set to be updated/overwritten, leaving it quite straight forward to understand adds, removes and changes.

A typical use case would allow for you to prototype a solution in your own environment, followed by extracting/loading into a shared environment.

Secondary benefits:
- Easy and accurate way of checking whether a scm had already been deployed
- Allow for peer review of code changes
- Perform your own risk assessments (say when you next load in CardSchema).

Optional extras to the functionality would be:
- the ability to load in a subset of changes from the scm file(s)
- inline edit capability to deal with merge situations
- record the final load contents as a unl for reuse later
- usage of 3rd party merge tools (JEDI #62)
  • John Beaufoy
  • May 1 2019
  • IDE Backlog
Ty Baen-Price 21/12/2017 3:35:27 PM
Can you please explain the development processes that lead to the situations in the first two sentences?
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