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Load style should default to Current Schema Version

When loading a method/class into Jade, 99% of the time I'm changing the load style to Current Schema Version. Now if you stuff this up and forget to change it - Boom reorg required, dramas and wasting of time all around because then in most cases you would need to take the system down to complete this unnecessary reorg of the method you just loaded in.
Can we have the default load style to Current Schema Version instead? This would be on the JadLoader and the loader (purple disk) on the IDE.
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  • May 1 2019
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Ty Baen-Price 13/11/2018 12:12:35 PM
Loading into current version should not be a default behaviour because it's dangerous. You might want to use it (under advisement) in your development environment (or to hotfix a production environment), but if anyone is relying on the behaviour of running applications, you will, at best, confuse them, and at worst, waste their time or ruin their data. You know you can unversion a versioned schema?

Brian Johnstone 17/10/2018 3:03:09 PM
Further to @Blake's comment, assuming the schema(s) were not versioned prior to the load, you could potentially avoid the 'unnecessary' reorg by unversioning the schema(s) and then redo the schema load with the loadstyle set to currentSchemaVersion.

Blake De?Ath 17/10/2018 10:53:00 AM
The load style options can already be manipulated, including completely removing options, with INI settings.

Have a read of the following:
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    John Richards commented
    22 Aug 07:51am

    Hi Sam, I am just reviewing some old JEDIs, and given the dialog on this one can I close it? Thanks John R.

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