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Rename Method JCF Command

Implement JCF rename command for methods.

Provides ability to rename methods on deployment, with references being maintained automatically, without needing to redeploy whole schemas.

For conditions, there's an added benefit of avoiding unnecessary reorg of conditional collections when a condition is just being renamed.

The behaviour of this command should match the IDE, where the rename is also applied to subclass re-implementations.

The need for this has been identified as part of considering how we'd manage the upgrade to Jade 2018, where the signature of the new String::replace will conflict with existing implementations. Please refer to forum where this has been discussed upfront, which provides further background to this need. With this in mind, it'd be ideal if support for this command could be made available to earlier versions of Jade, so we can rename our String::replace implementation before upgrading to Jade 2018.
  • Kevin Saul
  • May 1 2019
  • Future consideration: 2022
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