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Folder control: Ability to skin the 'left/right' overflow buttons

Currently, if you have a folder control with the tabs set to single line, if there are too many tabs to fit within the painted width of the folder control it adds '<' and '>' buttons to let you scroll and see the additional tabs but these are rendered with a default look which doesn't match the skin design.

It would be good if the following enhancements could be added to the skin definition for a folder control:

1. Ability to provide a button skin for both the '<' and the '>' buttons respectively.

2. An option to 'split' the buttons so the '<' is positioned to the left of the folder tabs and the '>' is positioned to the right of the folder tabs.

Please refer to the attached screen mock-up showing the buttons on the left and right. This also shows that the '<' and '>' buttons should be "visible but disabled" when you've already scrolled to the left-most/right-most tab respectively.
  • BeeJay
  • May 1 2019
  • Shipped (2020)
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