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Ability to change a table scrollbar skin

Currently the only scrollbar skin that can be applied to a table is the default scrollbar skin for the current application skin. The only way to get around this is to create a new JADE application skin with the desired different scrollbar skin. Obviously doing this is highly unproductive as it results in double the skin maintenance.

I spoke with BJ about this as he was heavily involved in our UI redesign project by the JADE design team. He mentioned running into the same frustration.

Any application that is used on touch screens will likely require some controls to be larger - because fingers are quite a bit bigger than mouse pointers!

Btw. Using separate scrollbar controls is not an option for us as we have just converted 2000+ screens from our proprietary table handling to JADEs table.displayCollection.

  • Callum
  • May 1 2019
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Sam Stokell 16/11/2018 8:28:14 AM
We are big on touch screens also, so yes please!
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  • BeeJay commented
    November 21, 2019 21:43

    Further to Callum's suggestion, for controls which can gain scroll bars, such as tables/listboxes/comboboxes/pictures, if that control has a skin category applied and there is a HScroll/Vscroll defined for that same category, it would be good if it could use that category version of the HScroll/VScroll with the fall back to the default non-category version of the HScroll/VScroll skin when there isn't a match to retain the current behaviour.

  • Mike Day commented
    November 21, 2019 22:37

    I would be happy if it can be implemented in same way that BeeJay suggests.

  • Mike Day commented
    December 02, 2019 04:38

    Example. Refer to the attachment also

    The textbox with a white backcolor contains a skin category.
    However the scrollbar defaults to to the no skin category version of the HScroll/Vscroll which is dark.

    I don't really want to have to maintain multiple skins and apply the skin to individual forms to get around this issue

  • Mike Day commented
    04 Mar 21:07

    Combo's with a style of "4-SpinBox List" also have the spin buttons showing with the default skin applied instead of the skin category assigned to the combo. Can this also be fixed as part of this JEDI request.

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