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Support display collections with interface membership

The display/listCollection methods & associated events need to support collections using an interface as the member type.

We're making more & more use of interfaces to decouple our UI from underlying data structures to bring them together into a common view.

As part of recent work to refactor code using this approach, we've been hitting the 14044 exception (Collection must be of an object type membership), which is forcing us to copy the contents of interface collection into a object array so it can be displayed.

Previously, we were able to change the displayRow/Entry object parameter type to an interface type in scenarios like this. However, we were forced to change such events following a previous upgrade (7.1?), because the base displayRow/Entry events used the Object parameter type. Ideally, these would be change to Any, so we can change implementors to use the appropriate interface type, rather than having to use a local variable & cast it in the first line.

  • Kevin Saul
  • Sep 13 2019
  • Future consideration
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