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Enhance the Monitor Cache Performance sheet

Please enhance the Cache Performance sheet to make it more useful for determining whether the node cache sizes are appropriate.


The default display should be only four lines per node - the node banner (the blue line), Hits, Misses and Miss Rate %. The existing display should still be available with a Details checkbox, like on the RPC Activity Summary sheet. The banner for each node should include the cache size ("Maximum Buffer Size"), ideally expressed in ini file syntax, eg 80M. If not convenient to add this to the banner line, it could be shown as an additional line, like on the Details version.


The Miss Rate would be calculated as Miss Rate = Misses / (Hits + Misses) * 100 to express as a percentage, rounded to one decimal place eg 2.1% or 6.3%.


The PDB DiskCache would also be shown on the default sheet with the other nodes. Hits would include (from the Database Statistics section) edition gets, gets, etc, but not creates, ie accesses where it is legitimate to hope it might already be there. Misses would be from the Database Disk Cache Statistics section.


The knowledge base should also be updated with a little more detail regarding what is counted as a hit or miss.

  • John Porter
  • Feb 19 2020
  • Shipped (2020)
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