JADE Environment Development Ideas

Find References from Code Editor

Rather than needing to first find an entity in another class browser, it'd be quicker/easier if we had a 'References' option in the context-menu shown for entities selected in the code editor (alongside the 'Refactor' menu), when we want to see where/how it's used elsewhere to compare with the current method being edited/viewed.

If used directly, this would provide a list of all references, but also provide sub-menu items for read/update references for properties if applicable.

  • Kevin Saul
  • Feb 25 2020
  • Shipped (2020)
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  • Gaurav Chaudhari commented
    10 Mar, 2020 12:12am

    Amazing idea. It's one of those things I've always wanted, but never really gave a second thought about it. Now that I think about it, this will make triaging and development much more efficient!

  • BeeJay commented
    25 Feb, 2020 11:07pm

    Nice idea.  Would save a lot of 'open another class browser solely to do references for  class/property' style of navigation - something done quite frequently while developing and/or when refactoring existing code/model structures.