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Class Relationships - Possible small changes to make it usable

It was a very long time ago but I do remember being extremely excited when I learnt you can right click a class and select Relationships. To see the relationships of a class. Unfortunately it more points out how long winded and interconnected a system is.

I do from time to time diagram the relationships on paper but I think Jade is almost there. Is it possible to do some small changes to this screen to make it usable? Here are some ideas that might help:

  1. Select related class relationships to show/hide. Maybe it would be better to start with no class relationships showing? e.g. If I want to show the relationship from Customer to Account I could 'Add' Account to the view?

  2. Ability to add other related class relationships on the same view. e.g. Customer->allAddresses will show the Class Address. But if I right click Address then add that in; The View could show also the relationships to Address and Customer. e.g. Customer->allAddresses->Address->allLoansAgainst->Loans

  3. I know key and relationship types are shown. Could the lines shown be more standardised especially in regards to many/vs single. e.g. N or 1 above the line, or crows feet?

  4. Is it possible to have an option to show attributes, at least by visibility type?

  • James Bumby
  • Jun 19 2020
  • Needs review
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