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Reduce the number of queries RPS sends to SQL

We have clients that have SQL servers in a different location than the Jade data pump. E.g. Azure. Each time a database transaction happens on the primary the data pump updates the JADE_TRAN_COMMIT table with the transaction id. It does this whether that database transaction altered any data that's mapped to SQL or not. This can cause the SQL sync to fall behind if there are many database commits in a row. This issue has caused synchronisations to fall behind by over 36 hours and take more than 5 minutes to process 1 minutes worth of updates.

We would like a change made so the JADE_TRAN_COMMIT table is only updated when an update of actual data is sent to the SQL database. That is, if there are multiple database transactions but none of them result in data that is mapped in the RPS mapping then don't update the JADE_TRAN_COMMIT record in the SQL database. This will significantly reduce the number of update queries sent to the SQL database and will mean that database latency is no longer an issue.

  • Allistar Melville
  • Nov 5 2020
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