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Encrypt new map files automatically when MandatoryFullEncryption = true

When the MandatoryFullEncryption option is set, jdbcrypt has to be run to encrypt new map files after they're created before new objects can be created (otherwise exception 3345 is raised).

When changes which contain new map files are being rolled out to many environments which may be encrypted, this creates an admin overhead. According to the documentation, it isn't possible to script running jdbcrypt when the master key passphrase is required. Regardless, it doesn't appear to support running in an online multi-user mode, so developers deploying code manually (during testing) would need greater access to run the utility on the server with access to relevant keys, or alternatively, wait on database admins to run the utility.

Ideally, when MandatoryFullEncryption is enabled, new map files would be encrypted automatically when they're created.

  • Kevin Saul
  • Nov 6 2020
  • Future consideration
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