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Provide for Session Cookies rather than URL based in Jade Web Forms

We are working with Jade forms in 2020 SP1 and many of the generated links contain the 'Session ID'. This is a security risk and I would like to be able to use cookies as an option. At the moment Jade Support have indicated that this is not an option but would be a suitable approach and for it to be raised as a JEDI NFS. The response from Jade Support is as follows:

"The session IDs are passed in the hidden fields for events (e.g., buttons etc.) but in the URL for links. Unfortunately, this can't be changed easily. We believe the best way would be to have them in the cookies"

Further to this, the ability to set / get / delete cookies through the Jade Web Forms pathway would be of great benefit as well.

  • Chris Robinson
  • Jan 11 2023
  • Closed
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  • Admin
    John Richards commented
    15 Jun, 2023 10:58pm


    After review we have decided not to proceed with this specific feature, however we are considering more wide-ranging changes which should address the underlying issue.

    Thanks John R.