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Enhance the usability of the PatchVersioning feature so that developers have easier access to historical patch information.

Allow better sorting, filtering and general organization of Patch History information especially on the Patch Log form.

  • Allow access to the Patch Log form directly from a selected Method without needing to view the Patch Summary form first.
  • Add a ThirdPartyTicket field to Patches to record JIRA or TFS ticket numbers. This will allow easier tracking within an ecosystem.
  • Allow quick sorting of entries using the Patch Log table column labels in ascending or descending order.
  • Allow filtering based on Date range, Author, PatchNumber, ThirdPartyTicket, or Message (including regex pattern).
  • Allow direct comparison of two selected versions from the Patch Log form.
  • Add a tool tip or extend the preview to include the changes on selection of a version in the Patch Log table.
  • Allow the message field to be edited/amended especially if no entry currently exists.
  • Optionally add PatchNumber and ThirdPartyTicket  columns to  the Patch Log table to make this information more visible.
  • Anthony Mulick
  • Nov 7 2019
  • Future consideration: 2022
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  • Iryna Melnyk commented
    7 Nov, 2019 08:51pm

    Looking to get additional feedback on the list above - what are your biggest pain points? If you could share specific use cases in your system that would be really helpful in prioritization and design decisions.