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Make JRW Designer Open Source

Master Terminal is a heavy user of the Jade Report Writer functionality. We have to regularly train clients on how to use the designer.

The designer could be enhanced is several simple ways that would make the product far easier to use.

The main change should be the the F6 catalog of attributes. This needs a major redesign to allow the navigation of the elements.

I propose that either the Jade source is made open source or the Jade source is made available to 3rd parties on request; so that they can do they own enhancements.

  • Andrew Bishop
  • May 13 2020
  • Closed
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  • Admin
    John Richards commented
    10 Jun, 2020 01:11am

    There is a new JEDI to capture suggested enhancements to Report Writer, number 552.

  • Admin
    John Richards commented
    9 Jun, 2020 11:12pm

    Hi Andrew No I am sorry I haven't done that yet. I'll get it up today. Cheers John R.

  • Andrew Bishop commented
    9 Jun, 2020 10:41pm

    Has a new JEDI been created for improvements to JRW?

  • Admin
    John Richards commented
    1 Jun, 2020 07:05am

    Following the latest JEDI Review meeting, it was decided not to open source Report Writer, but we are open to making improvements We will create a JEDI to collect suggested improvements. Also we are considering releasing the Report Writer schema at a more regular frequency.

  • Mason Drew commented
    28 May, 2020 11:26pm

    I agree with Ty, any changes that would be made should be submitted back as pull requests.

    I would also find it useful to be able to put karma heartbeat logic in some of our longer running reports - so we stop getting alerts about processes not responding when they are just running a really long report!

  • Ty Baen-Price commented
    20 May, 2020 09:26pm

    Re: fragmented development.
    If we did this, instead of forking the project, I would hope that users submit pull requests for us to integrate their changes so everyone can benefit.

  • Saurabh Chaturvedi commented
    19 May, 2020 01:17pm

    When or If this happens ..... Please remember a COPY function... that makes life easier for the Report developer

  • Kerry Glynn commented
    19 May, 2020 04:36am

    As a group we are surely better off to invest more heavily in product changes than fragment to open source development streams? Suggest changes here, live with the voting system.

  • Andrew Bishop commented
    18 May, 2020 11:57pm

    Master terminal has many different views for writing reports, some of them contain 100s of item sin the catalog; this makes it really hard to navigate. The UI really needs updating.